ING credit transfers, direct debits and reporting

Initiation formats

ING Wholesale Banking supports ISO20022 XML for initiation of SEPA Credit Transfers and SEPA Direct Debits, international and domestic payments.

For these products ING supports the CGI-MP recommendations. 

For your domestic payments and collections needs, ING WB offers a wide range of local formats in western and central eastern Europe. The payment files that you send to ING for initiation of credit transfers or direct debits can be validated through the SWIFT MyStandards Readiness Portal. This enables you to verify the files before actually processing them, which maximizes the success rate.

More information about the SWIFT MyStandards Readiness Portal can be obtained via our local country offices or a local account manager.

The status of payments and collections can be sent back via pain.002 messages for host-to-host channels and is visible in the screens of the interactive channels.


Supported initiation formats

• ISO20022 CGI-MP XML pain.001.001.03 for SEPA, domestic and international payments

• ISO20022 CGI-MP XML pain.008.001.02 for SEPA direct debits

• ISO20022 XML pain.001.002.03 and pain.001.003.03 for SEPA payments in Germany

• ISO20022 XML pain.008.002.02 and pain.008.003.02  for SEPA direct debits in Germany

• MT101 for SEPA, domestic and international payments

• AFB320 for international payments

• BACS for domestic payments and collection

• BTL91 for international payments

• CSV for single SEPA payments

• CIRI for international payments

• DTA 03 for SEPA, domestic and international payments

• DTAZV for international payments


More information about the initiation formats can be obtained via the local country offices or the local account manager. Contact details are available via the worldmap.